Pinnacle aShares is a series of actively-managed exchange traded funds (active ETFs) brought to you by Pinnacle Investment Management. Pinnacle aShares was created simply to allow investors easier access to the benefits of active management, including the investment experience and expertise of our boutique affiliate investment managers.

We believe in active investing and pro-active solutions for our investors.

Why Pinnacle aShares?

The a in Pinnacle aShares is symbolic of who we are, what we do and why we do it. Shares denotes that this is a range of exchange listed managed funds (active ETFs).


We are proudly a house of active asset managers. We don’t do passive investing.


As active managers, we aim to outperform the market and produce ‘alpha’ for our investors, not just match the benchmark.


Pinnacle aShares is proudly Australian and has produced a series of solutions designed for Australian investors.

A Grade

We are driven to enable better lives through investment excellence.


We believe investing should be easy. Accessing exchange traded funds is simple.

Pinnacle Investment Management is a leading Australian-based multi-affiliate investment management firm, whose mission is to establish, grow and support a diverse and complementary stable of world-class, specialist investment management firms.

Pinnacle Investment Management consists of thirteen investment affiliates that collectively manage A$52.1 billion (as at 30 April 2019) in assets across a diverse range of asset classes. Pinnacle provides distribution and other support services to its affiliates.

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