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Monthly Fund Update

Fund update: 29th February 2020

Pinnacle aShares Global Dynamic Income Fund (Managed Fund)

Highlights for the month

SAVE’s total return was -7.51% (including distributions, net of fees) for the month of February, and SAVE’s total return since inception to end of February was 1.02%.
SAVE distributed monthly income of 4 cents in February, which is equivalent to a monthly yield of 0.37%.

Investors should note that SAVE has only been in operation for 6 months (inception date of 27 August 2019) and there is no assurance that the performance for a full 12 month period will remain consistent with the part year performance to date.

The last week of February was very volatile for global stock markets as concerns over Covid-19 drove returns negative. SAVE continued to perform defensively against the MSCI World Index, with beta of 0.52.

The top 3 contributors to performance for the month of February were Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (New Zealand), Evolution Mining (Australia) and Barrick Gold Corp (Canada) with total contribution to return of 0.32%. The top 3 detractors from performance were H&M (Sweden), ITV (UK) and Pandora (Denmark) with the total contribution to return of -1.85%.

During February, the portfolio sold 6 stocks due to dividend cuts or higher correlation of these stocks to other stocks. The stocks sold were CI Financial Corp, Nordstom, ITV PLC, British American Tobacco PLC, Yamazaki Baking Co Ltd and Elders Ltd. The portfolio also bought 2 stocks due to stable dividend history, strong ROE and accruals. The stocks bought were BAE Systems PLC and Canon Inc. The portfolio also bought 2 bonds to rebalance portfolio risk.

Fund Performance

Objective yield is RBA Cash Rate + 4% p.a.
Inception date is 27 August 2019. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Returns are calculated using the net asset value per unit at the start and end of the relevant period in AUD, with distributions reinvested, and net of applicable fees, costs and taxes (other than tax paid as an investor in the Fund). The returns also do not reflect the transaction costs imposed on the creation and redemptions of units, brokerage or spreads incurred by investors when buying or selling units on the ASX


Inception date is 27 August 2019.

Source: Pinnacle aShares.

Portfolio information

Top Portfolio Holdings

Portfolio Summary

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Source: Pinnacle aShares. Data as at 29th February 2020.

Key Information

1. Consistent income above cash

Targeted income of cash + 4% income target with monthly dividends. Buy it like a share on the ASX

2. Diversified income source

Diversified by asset class and geography providing more sources of income

3. A smoother journey

Half the equity market risk (beta 0.5) means lower risk of capital loss relative to equity market (MSCI World Index)

Fund Features

  • Monthly income: target RBA Cash Rate + 4% p.a. (before fees)
  • Lower risk than equities: 0.5x Beta to MSCI World
  • Fund is actively managed at an attractive management fee of 0.5%
  • Daily disclosure of portfolio holdings
  • Minimum administration to invest: trade like a share on the ASX
  • Provision of liquidity by market maker

^Some of the assets held by ASX: SAVE are traded in overseas jurisdictions/markets which open and close at times which may differ from the Australian market. To enable a NAV to be provided on each trading day, the responsible entity of the fund and its appointed agents use a consistent NAV calculation methodology that best reflects the NAV at a point in time, given the constraints and time differences.
*Recoverable expenses are capped at 0.15% p.a. of the Fund’s net asset value. Recoverable expenses are the ordinary and everyday expenses incurred in operating the Fund and are deducted from the assets of the Trust as and when they are incurred. The expenses normally incurred in the day-to-day operation of the Fund include custodian, fund administration, unit registry, ASX and audit costs.
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