Pinnacle aShares
Dynamic Cash Fund

(Managed Fund)

Activate your cash at zero management fee

Why Z3RO?

Say goodbye to low interest rates and high & hidden fees on your cash and hello to Z3RO; the first management fee-free, high interest, easy to trade cash active ETF.

1. Zero management fee

First Australian ETF with no management fee (excluding recoverable expenses capped at 0.15%) keeps more in your pocket

2. Targeted income better than cash yield

Targeting higher yield than the RBA Cash Rate via a dynamically managed cash ETF

3. Flexibility in one trade

Simple and secure way to invest and access your cash

Did you know?

Over 1/5 of Australian investors’ portfolios are in cash?

Yet we spend almost no time optimizing the returns or cost of this major investment decision.

Z3RO makes it easy for you to activate your cash

Competitive returns with monthly income

With interest rates at record lows, every bit of extra yield helps. Z3RO is a simple and liquid investment solution for investors seeking competitive returns and a stable monthly income stream on their cash deposits.

Did we mention?

There is zero management fee

The fees you’re charged on your cash are more important than ever. As its ticker suggests, Z3RO has ZERO management fee. Z3RO is the first ETF listed in Australia to be available to investors with no management or performance fees. This means more in your pocket.

Z3RO's only fee is the fund's recoverable expenses, capped at 0.15% p.a. and expected to be < 0.05% p.a. once the fund is at scale.

Z3RO invests primarily in prime quality, short term money market securities denominated in Australian dollars. 

Z3RO is focused on capital preservation and selects the best mix of assets to retain liquidity and provide a yield higher than cash.

The primary portfolio characteristics are focused on capital preservation, yield and liquidity.

Z3RO will typically invest in accordance with the following portfolio allocation:

  • Minimum allocation to negotiable certificates of deposit (NCD): 60%
  • Minimum allocation to cash: 10%
  • Maximum allocation to bonds, corporate paper and other short term money market instruments (in aggregate): 30%

Credit quality: Average AA rated paper. All instruments A rated or better.

Duration: weighted average maturity < 2 months. All instruments < 12 months maturity.

Benefits of Z3RO

Z3RO has five key benefits over other ways of investing your money in cash 

  • No management fee
  • Better than RBA cash yield
  • No restrictions on withdrawing cash
  • No minimum investment size
  • No paperwork to fill out to invest

Key facts

*Recoverable expenses are capped at 0.15% p.a. of the Fund’s net asset value. Recoverable expenses are the ordinary and everyday expenses incurred in operating the Fund and are deducted from the assets of the Trust as and when they are incurred. The expenses normally incurred in the day-to-day operation of the Fund include custodian, fund administration, unit registry, ASX and audit costs.

Key documents

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About the investment manager, Omega Global Investors

Omega is a specialist investment manager, offering outcomes oriented investment solutions to investors.

Established in 2008, Omega is a majority employee owned specialist investment manager with a management team who have over 100 combined years of experience delivering outcomes for investors globally.

Omega’s motto is to begin with the end in mind and Omega believe investors aims are best fulfilled by having portfolios that are intelligently designed with a specific outcome or performance objective in mind.

Omega believes that market capitalisation benchmarks are in the main inefficient, and are not a true reflection of investor needs, particularly in terms of risk control and diversification.

Omega’s investment professionals have experience in delivering investment solutions for institutional and retail investors around the world, covering global markets across bonds, equities, derivatives and currencies.

Omega believes a robust approach to risk management coupled with an outcomes focused approach to portfolio construction is essential to fulfil their aim of delivering on the investment objectives for investors.

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How to invest

Z3RO is now trading on the ASX, which means you can buy and sell Z3RO in the same way you would trade shares in other ASX-listed companies.